Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We are pleased to announce the completion of the Soquel Avenue / Park Way Intersection Improvement Project.  The filing of the Notice of Completion was approved on July 8, 2014.  The project added protected left-turn lanes on Soquel Avenue at Park Way in both the eastbound and westbound directions, improving access and safety.  The intersection was also improved with ADA compliant curb ramps, a northeast retaining wall that incorporates beautification features, reduction of PG&E guy wires through the intersection, drainage improvement across South Park Way, slurry seal and new striping throughout, and lighting upgrades to LED luminaires.  

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding on completing this project.

Thank you.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


With the striping in place and the detection functional, 
the Soquel Ave. protected left turn pockets are now in operation!

The goal of adding protected left turn pockets on Soquel Ave. has now been achieved.  New coordinated timing plans have been implemented to include the new left turn phasing and will be monitored over the next couple of weeks.  And although the main goal of this project has been achieved, there is still minor work and punch list items that need to be performed before the project is fully wrapped up.

In addition, the westbound bus stop will be reinstated on the nearside of the intersection in front of the car wash and the eastbound bus stop will be relocated to the farside of the intersection in front of the furniture store.  By moving the eastbound bus stop, users coming to and from the Palo Alto Medical Clinic and/or making bus transfers will now only need to cross the intersection once, instead of twice.

Thank you again to everyone for your patience throughout the duration of this project.  


Thursday, April 24, 2014


Finish paving is complete and existing striping on Soquel Ave. is to be removed in preparation for next weeks slurry seal, which is tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday and Wednesday (4/29-4/30).  During the slurry seal, Soquel Ave. will reduce to one eastbound lane and one westbound lane on both days.  After the slurry seal, cat-tracking (striping layout) will be done and loop installation will begin.  The left turn pockets will continue to remain non-operational until the cat-tracking is approved and all detection is functional and complete.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Arana Gulch Bridge Abutment Pour & South Park Way Alley Acess

On Tuesday, April 22, the Arana Gulch Multi-Use Trail Project (just south of the Soquel Ave./Park Way project) will be pouring a bridge abutment.  Work will be accessed from Agnes St. with an estimated 45 concrete truck loads needed for the pour that day.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as trucks come and go from the area.

In addition, the alley between Mental Ave. and South Park Way has been reopened.  The Ford Dealership has installed a new fence along and within their right-of-way as acquired per the exchange of right-of-way to build protected left turn pockets along Soquel Ave.  To help with the ingress and egress from the alley, the City will trim some of the existing landscape and trees.  Note that a City sewer manhole is located in the alley and therefore access for a City vactor-truck must be maintained.

South Park Way Alley Reopened

Finish Paving of South Park Way

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The main portion of the signal switch over is now complete with the new poles and signal heads in operation.  However, the left turn signal heads are NOT yet operational.  The new left turn signal heads are anticipated to be activated the first week of May after finish paving, slurry seal, detection, and striping are completed.

Cold Milling (grinding) of southeast section of Soquel Ave. and on South Park Way is scheduled for Thursday with placement of asphalt concrete (AC) for Soquel Ave. to happen that same day.  Finish AC for South Park Way will take place on Friday.

Next week the NW curb ramp will be finished and all the existing striping on Soquel Ave. will be removed so that the street can be slurry sealed in preparation for detection and striping.

Thank you again for everyone's patience and understanding as we get closer to wrapping up this safety improvement project in early May.

Signal Switch Over

South Park Way Paving

Friday, April 11, 2014


 the intersection will operate in a

The signal switch over is scheduled for Tuesday, April 15.  On that day all the traffic signals will be taken out of service to allow for wiring to the new poles and removal of the old poles.  Work is expected to last all day with the traffic signals scheduled to be back in operation by 3:30pm.  However, construction could run into the evening commute.  Please use alternate routes if possible.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding during the signal switch over.


The sidewalk and southeast retaining wall are now in place along with the valley gutter across South Park Way.  Paving work has been extended on South Park Way to the speed bump and will continue over the next two weeks.  Alley access will remain closed till the end of the project, which is anticipated to be finished early May.

Work has shifted to the Northwest corner ramp where it will be formed and poured after the signal switch over which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 15.

 Southeast Sidewalk & Retaining Wall

South Park Way Valley Gutter